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We are an esoteric school founded by Steven and Martine Ashe and currently led by Bethsheba Ashe. We offer a variety of publications and learning tools to the Western Esotericist. 


Our membership is self-selecting and our membership list is public. Starting on the 22nd September 2021, to become a member of the Sanctum Regnum, a public demonstration of commitment is required. The aspirant must upload a public video of them reading aloud, in good voice and spirits, in some publicly accessible area or forum; "The Grand Qabalistic Invocation".
Your video will be added to a membership page which you are free to delete at any time - thus ending your membership. Members must be of good standing and continue to be of good standing. If the Sanctum Regnum cancels your membership, your name and video will be removed from the membership page and you will be unsubscribed from our members mailing list.
More details will be forthcoming to subscribers of our regular mailing list (see bottom of page).
[Also I'm still working on the coding for the membership page.]
The reason why we ask prospective members to undertake this ordeal, is that it is a test of character and integrity.
Please send your video links to: bethsheba@vvheel.com

Sanctum Regnum Study Tools

Hebrew Flash Cards
Learn your Hebrew Correspondences, using our flashcards

Cycle through the letter correspondences by Tarot, Greek Alphabet, Verse from Genesis 1-2, Paleohebrew Alphabet, Mnemonic and Gematria. 

Take the Hebrew Test
Learned your correspondences?

This randomised test of 40 questions will score you on your memory of the Hebrew Letters and their Tarot correspondences.

Take the Tree of Life Test
Take the test to see how well you remember the Tree of Life.

When did you originally learn the letter correspondences to the Tree? Was it a while ago?

Practice on the Seven Palaces
Where do the letters go?

Can you remember where the letters belong on the Seven Palaces? Play this game to brush up on things. Can you place them all?

TSR Library

Online texts, links, and readings

Galay Writing Script

Given the potential of the Galay Writing Script to improve the eventual IQ quota of future children, we support and promote its use. Use the Galay Meme Maker on Shematria to write your own messages and sigils in Galay.  

Galay writing script


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