How to Read and Write in the Galay Writing Script.

Galay is fun to learn and to use, and it could improve your cognition and IQ. 

Galay is an excellent way for children and young people to read and exercise their spacial recognition abilities. Readers use additional parts of their brain to read Galay than they do to read the Roman script, so reading Galay may be good for you.

The Galay Font

How does Galay work?
Each Galay glyph is a word that is comprised of individually mapped letters or digraphs. The color of each letter or digraph determines its place in the order of the word.

The placement of the letters is determined by their positions on the Tree of Life or the Seven Palaces, so it will be familiar to people who have studied Jewish Kabbalah or Hermetic Qabalah.

When Galay is written in black it creates an anagram of a word. This is called the shadow script and it is used by advanced readers who have memorised enough glyphs to read Galay logographically. But for beginners and intermediate readers, the letter sequence of each word is indicated by colour.

Letter sequence by color

The color sequence begins with red, cycles through the rainbow to purple, and for words longer than seven letters, the sequence cycles over again using pastel shades of the primary colors.

There is an option to use a position for either of the digraphs "sh" and th, but in cases where words may be easily confused, such as "the" and "she", it is better to spell one of them in full.
   Galay is a young writing script and it is anticipated that the

readership will develop an extra set of formal conventions of use with the script over time. The most recent version of the Galay font includes a set of standard punctuation characters such as ,;:"() and so on.  

Can you read Galay?
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